Between Brisbane and Japan, some whimsy and Dan (All contents © Dan Ryan, unless noted)


A grinder in meat time

Just a hard-working kitchen hand, who was bringing boxes of seafood in through the back door of this Nakano-ku restaurant. It’s across the street from the Life store…

TokyoDay10 039-1

(Picture taken in Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo in November 2015)

Cats of humble occupancy

The building stood out because it was set back from the street. And because of the cats in and around it. It seemed as if the building was built for them only. But on sunny days in Tokyo cats own the sun and every surface it touches. So the building was theirs, at least until nighttime, when they would occupy it still and purr unseen in the dark…

TokyoDay17 111-1

TokyoDay17 109-1

TokyoDay17 113-1

TokyoDay17 115-1

TokyoDay17 118-1

(Pictures taken at the Morita Building (森田ビル) in Kiyokawa 2-chome, Tokyo in November, 2015)

I am dynamic Tokyo dancing kung-fu…

Just a guy, a bit too much in his cups perhaps, that I photographed in Nihonzutsumi in Tokyo. He was next to a vacant lot where this liquor monument used to stand. I liked him. He was a nice, chemically happy man…

TokyoDay17 044-1

(Picture taken in Nihonzutsumi, Tokyo in November, 2015)

Happy New Year, Japan wonder friends

As I did for my trips to Tokyo in 2012 and 2013, I want to pay visual tribute to the excellent friends I met up with during my 2015 trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. It’s my way of saying thanks to these excellent people, who merely by having a drink or a meal with me added to the happiness and rich experiences I always have when I’m in Japan.

2015 was an odd year for me, full of more downs than ups, but the ups were significant. I finished Tokyo Panic Stories, for one thing, and I hope it will get picked up by a publisher in 2016. And I hope to get back to Japan in coming year and see the friends in the photographs below.

We shall see. Life is a coin you flip into the air that hits the ground and stands stone still on it’s edge. Your actions then decide which way the coin lays on the ground. Or something like that…

TokyoDay5 113-1

Baye on Halloween in a beer-soaked Shinjuku izakaya.


TokyoDay5 127-1

Mark, also on Halloween in the same joint in Shinjuku.


TokyoDay5 135-1

Ricardo, taking a pensive break from being in a beer-soaked Shinjuku izakaya on Halloween.


TokyoDay5 141-1

Patrick, leaving the Shinjuku joint.


TokyoDay9 092-1

Peter leaving a German restaurant near Shinbashi.


TokyoDay15 029-1

Michael in Gion, Kyoto.


TokyoDay17 083-1

Sarah outside this old tempura restaurant in Nihonzutsumi. If you live in Tokyo you should get a meal at this place.


TokyoDay19 131-1

Bill at Kamiya Bar.


TokyoDay21 026-1

Nancy in Ameyayokochō.


TokyoDay18 100-1

Dan in a second-story izakaya near Nakano Broadway.

Thank you, my friends, and Happy 2016.

(Pictures taken in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan in October and November, 2015)

Gravity cats

A small collection of street cat photographs I shot in Nakano-ku, Tokyo in October and November, 2015…

TokyoDay1 052-1


TokyoDay8 008-1


TokyoDay11 002-1


TokyoDay4 106-1

(Pictures taken in Tokyo, Japan in October and November, 2015. There’s another 2015 cat picture here.)

At Yasukuni in rain

Yasukuni Shrine is a controversial place, but in the Tokyo rain my wife and I found it to have interesting vistas…

TokyoDay13 016-1

(Picture taken at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo in November, 2015)

Today I am bathed in purple fire

I have been down Tokyo’s darkest streets for you.

I have lived in those streets for you.

Now I require your presence.

TokyoDay17 023-1

So you will come to me,

for I am the king of you,

and I will show you.

TokyoDay17 026-1

The years have done this to me,

put a pregnancy upon my shoulder.

It isn’t pretty, but it isn’t entirely ugly.

There is horrible and organized smoothness to it all.

And that basically sums up Tokyo’s darkest streets for you.

(Pictures taken in Nihonzutsumi, Tokyo in November, 2015. Also published on Scholars and Rogues)

This beautiful man…

Look at this unconventionally beautiful man, and what he was willing to share with my wife. We were at a festival at the Ohtori Shrine in Asakusa on a Tuesday…

TokyoDay22 156-1


We were strangers, foreigners to him, and that mattered for nothing. When I asked to take his picture, he agreed. Then he saw my wife and insisted she hold his shimekazari so that I could take a picture of her holding it…

TokyoDay22 158-1


The Japanese are often the most warm, generous people you will ever meet.

TokyoDay22 157-1

(Pictures taken in Asakusa, Tokyo in November, 2015)