Between Brisbane and Japan, some whimsy and Dan (All contents © Dan Ryan, unless noted)

Photos, strange

Power Trash Ranger

For some reason one warm morning in late September, there was a guy walking around Nakano Station in a red science fiction suit with a bag of what looked like recyclable assorted paper trash. I think it was a man, the person’s body language was male, and he looked like a giant walking toy. I am going to assume the trash ranger was a whimsical force promoting civic good, not evil, because that’s typically how Tokyo rolls….

TokyoDay15raw 005-1

(Picture taken at Nakano Station, Tokyo in September, 2013)

Let’s Camera—A small whimsical

You have to suck Tokyo into your lungs and let it rewrite your DNA.

You have to piece together your own reality one combini at a time.

TokyoDay17 014-1

As you look around your tiny room and try to remember the rest of some words from an Elvis Costello song,

you grab things and put them together and that is how you change a part of the world.

It doesn’t matter, not to anyone but you, and it doesn’t objectively matter actually at all.

But it will matter when you hit Tokyo’s streets.

It will help your brain figure out how to piece it all together and give it immovable coordinates on your permanent brain map.

Like I said, you have to let the city rewrite your DNA.

Actually, you don’t have any choice in the matter, but it’s always easier when you acquiesce and let it happen easily.

(Picture taken in Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo in April, 2012. Published concurrently on Scholars and Rogues.)

A Mystic Woman Of Nakano Station—A small nonconformity

I had just gotten off the Tōzai Line after a hard day of shooting, mostly in Sanya, when I saw her. She could have been a Japanese gypsy fortune teller. All she lacked was a crystal ball, and I’m still not sure she didn’t have one tucked somewhere in her robes. Now, seeing unconventional things like Mormon missionaries and goofy advertising tactics isn’t unusual at Nakano Station. It’s a delightfully vibrant place. But this lady, this mystically-fashionable hippie who stood confidently and patiently while I took her photograph, she was something else…

TokyoDay21raw 227-1

(Picture taken at Nakano Station, Tokyo in October, 2013)

He Comes In Colors—A small walking rainbow

On the streets of Shinjuku today, a character of unknown disposition, purpose, or origin. But pretty damned colorful and determined-looking…

TokyoDay16raw 080-1

(Picture taken in Tokyo on September 24th, 2013)

A Strange Scene In Early Morning—A small but interesting goof

Just a weird photo I took by accident at 3:30 this morning in Nakano City through a haze of my own cigarette smoke. I was up going to Mini Stop for more smokes. This reminds me of images from old film negatives that were accidentally exposed to light or x-rays before getting developed. Strange picture, but I like it. So there you go…

TokyoDay5raw 004-1

(Picture taken in Nakano-ku near Hydrangea Park in Tokyo on September 13th, 2013)

She Kamen Went—A small paid chivalry

As usual, my buddy and I weren’t red carpet paparazzi, we were security. 

Picture 1192

It was the only time I could ever see her, ever get close to her.

Picture 1191

She had her new beau on her arm tonight. It was my sworn duty to ensure their safety.

Picture 1197

I’d lay down my life for her. I always would. I wanted her, would never again have her, and that’s just how it was.

Picture 1196

The Guide to Rocket Tourism—A small gallery

In San Francisco, we are very progressive. And….a bit arrogant. In terms of space travel, we’re arrogant because in the Star Trek fictions, Starfleet is headquartered here.


We’re pretty proud of that, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Building on the big screen with starships and ray guns.


And the difference between that fiction and our fact is…..our fact gets a little bit closer to fiction every day……