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Blade Runner

“Blade Runner” On (Nakano) Broadway

Blade Runner” is my favorite movie ever. I even wrote a sequel to it, which you can obtain here. The film has cult popularity in Japan, where the cityscapes of Osaka and Tokyo have long been compared to the dense, neon-lit street scenes in Ridley Scott’s film. Over the years the Japanese have produced some fantastic “Blade Runner” memorabilia. In 2013, a shop I really like in Nakano Broadway called Mandarake had some very nice “Blade Runner” gear on display, which is presented here for your pleasure…

TokyoDay3jpg 077-1

Deckard’s rather pricey LAPD service pistol.


TokyoDay3jpg 078-1

Two-headed Deckard and a spinner. I love the accuracy of Deckard’s necktie.


TokyoDay3jpg 079-1

Mr. Batty, a blaster, and some unfinished Batty and Deckard chibi figures.


TokyoDay3jpg 080-1

Items you might find in a blade runner’s coat pocket.


TokyoDay3jpg 083-1

A spinner, as close to flying as it is likely to get.


TokyoDay3jpg 081-1

“Have a better one.”

(Pictures taken at Mandarake Special 5 in Nakano Broadway in September, 2013)

Tokyo the Blade Runner

So I heard about this photo contest where I could win some “Blade Runner” swag. The limit for entries is three images per person. As a U.S. resident I’m not entirely sure I qualify to enter, but I’m going to send these three pictures anyway. The first two, which have never been published before, are from Tokyo in 2013. The last one is from a project I did for the Lions Club here in Brisbane.

Let me know what you think…

TokyoDay5raw 146-1-2


TokyoDay2raw 020-1-2


BrisbaneStars2014 013-1-2

(Pictures taken in Tokyo, Japan in 2013 and Brisbane, California in 2014. Have a better one.)

You May Find Typos—A small book of short stories

So I have compiled a book of the short stories I have written in the last four years. It is available as  Kindle book from Amazon. Here’s is how I have described it:

These eight very short stories, written between January, 2010 and October, 2013, run the gamut from a simple tale of friendship in a Tokyo bar (“Kamiya Bar”) to the horrors in the mind of a warped Japanese family man (“The Water and Plum Dream”). In between are tales of detective work, teleportation, alcoholism, Wyatt Earp, and a sequel to the movie classic “Blade Runner”. Short but bittersweet, “Kamiya Bar and other stories” won’t take long to read, but will have you thinking for some time afterward.

Interested? Okay, then click on the image of the cover below, and get yourself a quick but thought-provoking read….

Kamiya Bar Cover2

Another Ride Into Tokyo—A small trip

In April, 2012 I rode into Tokyo by myself for the first time in 24 years. My wife and I made the trip together in 2008; but riding the bus or the train into the sprawling “Blade Runner” landscape of Tokyo is different when you’re alone. When you’re with someone, there are things to see together and discuss between yourselves, often in wonder and awe and distraction. When you travel into and across Tokyo by yourself, it’s just you and the city. And the city is the alive ‘other’. It gives you no visual alternatives and no escape from its immense beauty, miniscule dirty details, and the jealous-lover-like attention it constantly demands of you.

Tokyo generates within me feelings of happiness, intimidation, anxiety, and belonging that I have never felt toward any other city on Earth. Not Paris, not London, not New York City, not even my adopted hometown of San Francisco have ever given and taken from me the affection and energy which Tokyo does.

Self portait on the Narita Express, April 1st, 2012

So I’m going back for a month this September, to continue work I started a long time ago and resumed in 2012. It’s work that takes a close, hard look at some of the aforementioned miniscule dirty details, in the form of the rough, shadowy-underbelly areas of Tokyo and the destitute-yet-tough and generally unfortunate people who live in them.

To that end, this is my long-winded way of saying I created a Kickstarter project to help finance the continuation of my “literary-photojournalism” work in Tokyo. My funding goal is US $3,500, to be used on things like airfare, lodging, public transport, and food. Click on the graphic below and you’ll be taken directly to the Tokyo Panic Stories Kickstarter page, which will show you a video and explain all the details of the project.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through all of this material, and I hope you decide to help out.


Greetings From Television—A small channel surf

Hello, and welcome to Tokyo. My name is Television…

TokyoDay3 131


…and I’ll be your host.

TokyoDay2 005


It would be my honor to entertain you today. Would you like to start with the news…?

TokyoDay3 045

TokyoDay3 046


You don’t even need to go outside, because I can show you the weather too…

TokyoDay3 049

TokyoDay3 050

TokyoDay3 053


Tired of the weather? How about a movie?

TokyoDay4 044


Or if you like I can show you cartoons to make you happy…

TokyoDay2 007

TokyoDay2 013

TokyoDay2 018


And sometimes, when you’re happy, I can even show you…

TokyoDay24 212

(Photos taken in 5-28-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (about five minutes from the Life store) in April, 2012)

Footnote: Believe it or not, Japanese TV saved my sanity when I was very sick in Tokyo for nearly two weeks in April of this year. This is kind of an appreciation of that, and also an acknowledgement that you can start to feel like TV controls your life when you’re cooped up with it for too long. But I’m sure you got that. –DR

Tokyo Draws You In, Part 1—A small journal

On the way from San Francisco, via Narita Airport, to the heart of my Blade Runner youth, I sucked on bad air and Japan’s strange culture by myself for the first time in a long time.

I had my wife with me the last time, four years ago. I miss her presence, but not the pretense of explaining to her things that, at best, I only half understand myself.

The first time I got to Tokyo, I was 23 years old and didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. Now I am 48, and have the benefit of some silver hair, which gives the impression I might know what the fuck I am doing.

That impression is wrong.

It’s after 2 a.m. in the city that help create me.

I barely speak the language, which is why the cheap samurai adventure game show on the TV right now is more of a visual treasure than a meaningful experience. Nobuku Kara, whatever in the hell that means.

I want to know, but right now I am too tired to learn. Part of me thinks I am crazy and that I should not be here. Part me me, the part that is right, thinks I have always been here and that I have just not yet regained my proper memories of language, time, and Hello! convenience stores.

Area 01!! And the samurai game show adventure goes to commercial. Sap-poro Ichi-ban!! Ramen is genius.

I need some sleep. Here are some things I saw today, of which I may likely dream…

Tokyo 018

Shinjuku Station

Tokyo 035

Nakano Station

Tokyo 038

Ambulance, Nakano Station

Tokyo 039

Nakano Station

Tokyo 050

Nakano Station

Tokyo 054