Between Brisbane and Japan, some whimsy and Dan (All contents © Dan Ryan, unless noted)


You May Find Typos—A small book of short stories

So I have compiled a book of the short stories I have written in the last four years. It is available as  Kindle book from Amazon. Here’s is how I have described it:

These eight very short stories, written between January, 2010 and October, 2013, run the gamut from a simple tale of friendship in a Tokyo bar (“Kamiya Bar”) to the horrors in the mind of a warped Japanese family man (“The Water and Plum Dream”). In between are tales of detective work, teleportation, alcoholism, Wyatt Earp, and a sequel to the movie classic “Blade Runner”. Short but bittersweet, “Kamiya Bar and other stories” won’t take long to read, but will have you thinking for some time afterward.

Interested? Okay, then click on the image of the cover below, and get yourself a quick but thought-provoking read….

Kamiya Bar Cover2

Brisbane Nocturne—A small lunacy

Quiet moon, I hate you, hate your brightness.

At these times of the year, you won’t let me hide from the evil I know the night normally harbors in the darkness.

Picture 008

So, I guess those sons of bitches will see me coming.

But on the bright side, I suppose, it will make it easier for me to see and kill every last goddamn vampire in Brisbane. I should be able to kill them all by the end of the month, or at least banish them back to San Francisco.

Yeah, always look on the bright side.

Or under it.


Brisbane Nocturne—A small….snack

Brisbane is only a few miles south of San Francisco. The streets in the night here are quiet, and the signs glow.


They advertise or offer different things. The neon eyes, the promise of liquid calm.


Happiness for the hungry in a shop of comfortable food.


But me, I’m not interested in  these things right now. In fact, I could use a bit of your blood.