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Archive for December, 2010

Toy Division—A small warning

Quite often the thing you need to do….


….is the last thing you usually consider.


And that is: Always watch out for the toys.


The Change Machine is Empty—A small speculative

Most of the people are gone now. They left Earth to find more room and better opportunities on Mars, Saturn, and beyond the solar system. Oddly enough, for folks like me who stayed, that means there’s plenty of room now. No jostling for washers at the laundromat anymore, for example.


It’s nice. Some days, I don’t see a single other person. The folding tables are always free. It takes me an hour to do what used to take me five. It’s always warm inside the laundromat, too. I have warm clothes to wear when I get home.


Still, it gets lonely sometimes, having the laundromat all to myself. And, of course, you still have to pay.


The Guide to Rocket Tourism—A small gallery

In San Francisco, we are very progressive. And….a bit arrogant. In terms of space travel, we’re arrogant because in the Star Trek fictions, Starfleet is headquartered here.


We’re pretty proud of that, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Building on the big screen with starships and ray guns.


And the difference between that fiction and our fact is…..our fact gets a little bit closer to fiction every day……