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Muggs In Space—A small long, long time

It’s odd,

I am to embark upon a journey soon. To another planet, a planet I have visited before.

A planet where I once lived,

and felt comfortable.

I left under a cloud of things which can only be described

by fanatical men in bowties made of glass.

They reflect the things they observe, therefore they see very little.

This is the way of things where I live.

I see people I know in the streets of my town.

I know their names and ailments and favorite types of heart bypasses.

And I have grown tired of caring about their problems. I need a break from them.

I want to go someplace else and misunderstand another culture’s problems.

It’s easier that way.

I have to go pack my bags, for I always take part of my world to another.

So while I get ready to leave my world, I will listen to what I assume will one day be

considered classical music much as Brahms and Scott Joplin are today.

And I will wonder what it would sound like if

Elton John had sung “Rocket Man” in Japanese.


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