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The Grief Sculpture—Part I of a small, inadequate way of coping

Grief is an unconquerable emotion. You can only manage it…..

GriefBoard 093

I am both embarrassed by this thing, and rather proud of it.

You can have a closer look at….everything. If you’d like. The whole thing, each small packet. You can think of it as a mixed-media piece, which some proud but confused parent has displayed on the front of a very large refrigerator. And if you look long enough, you’ll easily figure out the overall subject of the piece.

But the context of this is mostly explained at the end of Part II.

Fleeting Thoughts on a Solid Core in its Entirety:

Packets of the Main Board, Part I:

GriefBoard 023GriefBoard 024GriefBoard 025

GriefBoard 026GriefBoard 027GriefBoard 028

GriefBoard 029GriefBoard 030GriefBoard 031

GriefBoard 032GriefBoard 033GriefBoard 034

GriefBoard 035GriefBoard 036GriefBoard 037

GriefBoard 038GriefBoard 039GriefBoard 040

GriefBoard 041GriefBoard 042GriefBoard 043

GriefBoard 044GriefBoard 045GriefBoard 046

GriefBoard 047GriefBoard 048GriefBoard 049

GriefBoard 050GriefBoard 051GriefBoard 052

GriefBoard 053GriefBoard 054GriefBoard 055

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