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Pretty Ueno Girls—A small porno tour

NOTE: This post features some images of topless women.

This is the mighty Okura, in Ueno. It’s a pink film (porno) theater between Shinobazu Pond and the main entrance to Ueno Park. It was in operation when I lived in nearby Yushima in 1987 and 1988. It is in a new building now, but when I saw the Okura in almost the exact same location in April of 2012, it was like running into an old friend. Not that I was ever a customer. Honest. I never set foot in the place. But I walked by it often, so it was nice to see it was still open for business.

TokyoDay30 025


And I noted the Okura still has multiple floors of entertainment for one’s viewing pleasure.

TokyoDay30 038


Back in the ‘80s, the Okura showed Japanese and American porno flicks. If you look closely Ron Jeremy is in the illustrious cast of “Supergirls”, known as “The Nurse” in Japanese…



And the Okura showed adult films of a more exotic nature, at least for late ‘80s Tokyo…



These days, the movies may be different, but the product is not and is still aggressively for sale. To that end, pretty cardboard ladies stand outside to attract your attention…

TokyoDay16 041


…doing their best to entice you in.

TokyoDay16 045


TokyoDay30 029


They want you to spend your hard-earned money on movies featuring sporty girls…..

TokyoDay16 040


Doing, of course, naughty things…

TokyoDay16 043


This poster is even autographed. This gal must be a famous or popular performer.

TokyoDay16 044


This woman is gorgeous, but has a look on her face like she demands respect.

TokyoDay30 035


Pretty girls, and sad, because they look like they are just out of high school.

TokyoDay30 036

Japanese advertising and promotion for sexual entertainments can be pretty blatant. The posters above, for example, are in full view of anyone who passes by, including children. The paved pedestrian-only street leading from the front of the Okura past it to Shinobazu Pond gets a lot of passersby.

TokyoDay30 032

It’s just the Japanese way of things. It’s not necessarily wrong, just different.

Elsewhere in Ueno, specifically Ameyokocho, you can still find the finest in gentleman’s educational video and easy reading, much like during my time there in the Tokyo bubble years. Stores like this one are not uncommon…

TokyoDay30 158


And they advertise some very, uh, titillating materials. I’m not a geneticist, but I doubt this lovely girl was born predisposed to such endowments.

TokyoDay30 161

But looking at her on this poster made me maudlin. I doubted she was living the life she wanted in that swimsuit. But don’t get me wrong, I got a short thrill from her too. It would be dishonest not to admit that.

In front of an Ueno porn shop is usually an abundant selection of fleshy magazines, presumably promoting the most popular or most alluring woman of the day.

TokyoDay30 163


In this case, alluring sure covers it. I can see why the publisher of the magazine above is promoting it, and this woman’s video, with a poster showcasing her curvy backside.

TokyoDay30 164


And another poster promoting another performer, but once again leaving little legally to the imagination.

TokyoDay30 166


And the shoppers, workers,  and errand-runners come and go past the place, having a look or not as they please. No stigma, no shock, no scandal. Just another way of promoting and selling some people’s need for beauty or pressure release.

TokyoDay30 160

It’s not the cleanest neighborhood, but it’s not entirely sleazy. It has warmth from yakitori smoke and character from the constant noise and its soot-encrusted age. Yup, in Ueno and Ameyokocho you can get almost anything you want, including a multitude of pretty paper girls and various queens of pink cinema.

(All pictures taken in Ueno, Tokyo. The third and fourth pictures were taken in 1987, the rest in April, 2012)

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